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Good day to everyone! Thank you for visiting my site.

Good news! The food cart franchise business I will be offering you today is so affordable yet provides top quality in all aspects. INTRODUCING, JC Worldwide Food Cart Franchise Concepts – Siomai King, Burger Factory, Noodle House, Siopao Da King, Sgt. Sisig and the newest in the list but making lots of wave already, Potato King.

You must be wondering why am I endorsing food cart franchising business. Well, it all boils down to one reason. I want to help individuals start their own business even if no know-how and with limited budget.

1.  Low Capital
2.  Fast Return of Investment
3.  Low Risk
4.  Low monthly Overhead Cost
5.  Good profit margin
6.  With Proven Effective business system
7.  Full marketing support
8.  With proven accepted and in-demand products.

There are over hundreds of food carts that an individual may choose from but I am personally recommending JC Worldwide because of the following reasons:

  1.  Low Franchise Fee – lower than half of what competition charges.
  2.  No Royalty Fee – higher profit for the franchisee.
  3.  Fully Automated Commissary – franchisees can be assured of consistent product quality and good sanitation  practice.
  4.  Own Carpentry Department – quality of carts are better and sturdier; faster response time in times of repair  works required. Food Cart Passed the standards by the top malls in the country.
  5.  Training – both classroom and on-site.
  6.  Celebrity Endorsers are franchise owners too. – Builds higher credibility because their statements are based on  their actual experiences in being a franchisee.
  7.  Very attractive promo packages and payment options
  8.  Fast Return of Investment
  9.  With Location and Staff Assistance
  10.  30% to 40% Profit Margin
  11.  Charges low marketing fee but provides full tri-media exposure plus with most number of celebrity endorsers.

Franchising a worldwide accepted business practice for over decades now. Alot of businesses expand their businesses fast at low capitalization through franchising. However, not all franchising business provide the appropriate products and services that will make the franchisor-franchisee partnership last long. When franchising a business, make sure to know the company first, their system and products before investing your money.

Anyway, to know more, kindly comment below or send me an email at

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